Comprehensive Project Management Experience

  • Managed process of identifying, preparing applications and related documents to secure many different forms of financing to fund inventory, equipment, real estate purchases, construction, rehab, remediation and working capital.
  • Managed process for applying for all types of federal, state and local tax credits and other incentives from initial concept to submitting application, award, contract and compliance and filing reports. 
  • Managed development and application for numerous affordable housing projects securing bond financing and low income housing tax credits.
  • Managed redevelopment and green field projects for developers utilizing TIF funds and/or Property Tax Abatement. Assisted clients with creating strategies, locating funding sources and receiving awards for work force training programs.
  • Managed from the initial phases of project development, finance structuring, application preparation and bank negotiations to final loan closing with a USDA Business and Industrial loan guarantee.
  • Managed the funding for CNG fuel stations and purchase of new CNG trucks.
  • Managed from initial concept to designation of a Foreign Trade Zone in rural eastern Kentucky to assist with development of new River port.
  • Managed from initial concept to funding and completion of a regional salt distribution center in rural area.
  • Managed federal designation that assisted with receiving federal funding for water and sewer, transportation projects, community revitalization, environmental remediation, and historic flood control.
  • Managed three relinquishments projects related to state road conveyed to local government.
  • Assisted with funding and or development of building and developments lease back to state.
  • Managed locating, applying for and awarding of funds to assist private colleges in development of new facilities.
  • Managed government relations for BP Oil Spill for plaintiffs Steering Committee in New Orleans.
  • Managed government relations activity and assisted with amici briefs with the Supreme Court for Mississippi River Gulf Outlet case related to Hurricane Katrina.
  • Managed public involvement and funding recommendation related to a takings case related to the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet litigation against US Army Corp of Engineers. 
  • Managed government relations activity related to Public Private Partnerships regarding toll road and bridges projects.
  • Managed and developed market rate housing with retail.
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