Providing Comprehensive Project Management and Procurement for Incentives and Financing

The comprehensive project services at Strategus include leadership and experience in facilitating both:

  • Federal, state and local economic development incentives; and 
  • Traditional and nontraditional financing sources.
Strategus is unique in its depth of completed projects located in small towns and rural communities.

Access to Strategus will be to your advantage when you are considering one of the following "Triggering Events":


  • Capital investment (e.g. new building expansion, new equipment, building acquisition, building restoration, environmental remediation, infrastructure).
  • Adding jobs to expand your workforce.
  • Workforce training initiatives.
  • Relocating, expanding or consolidating operations.
  • Relocating a business headquarters.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Building lease negotiations.
  • Location closure.
  • Research and development investment.
  • Energy efficiency / renewable energy project investment.
  • Brownfield clean-up investment.
  • Project infrastructure investment.
  • Rural Economic Development.
Strategus can serve as a one stop shop of innovation and creativity to help make your next Triggering Event a success!
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